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Creating safe spaces for babies

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Amelia Rose and Co 9716When Amelia Rose & Company’s founder, Monica Burton, was pregnant with her fourth child (and first girl), she started dreaming about all the fun, girly things she wanted to buy for her new baby. She was a little strapped for cash, so the Southern Oregon mom purchased a used sewing machine for $40 and decided to teach herself how to sew. She started with burp cloths and blankets, then moved on to bibs and car seat covers.

Amelia Rose and Co 0600Meanwhile, Monica and her husband welcomed baby Amelia Rose to their family. At night, the couple would use rolled blankets and pillows to create walls between them and their infant in bed. Feeling a little nervous about the arrangement, Monica decided to research safer co-sleeping alternatives. She found an option for a beautiful baby nest online that was way out of her price range, so she got to work designing one of her own. It took roughly 5 different designs using eco-friendly fabric, but eventually she created one that worked perfectly. Monica was still on maternity leave from her job and before she knew it, she started receiving requests from friends for their own custom baby nests. On March 18th, 2019 Monica applied for a business license and dove into the entrepreneurial world full time. Amelia Rose & Company was born.

Amelia Rose and Co 0062“My biggest challenge was with finances,” says Monica. “There was no budget for marketing, advertising, or extra wiggle room to have a stockpile of supplies. I learned to do almost everything by myself. I listened to podcasts about business, and how to market my business on social media. I watched YouTube videos on how to make my own fabric labels instead of buying them from someone else. I did anything and everything I could to cut my expenses.”

Like most modern entrepreneurs, Monica realized that her biggest opportunity to reach new customers was through social media. She launched a gorgeous feed on Instagram, and began connecting with her followers through beautiful posts and videos. She also recruited her husband to accompany her to conventions and other live selling opportunities.

Amelia Rose and Co 0100“It was a major challenge for me to find my voice,” says Monica. “I’ve never felt like I’ve fit into a certain group, or belonged with any clique. So being the face and speaker of my own business and trying to convince people that I had something awesome to offer was terrifying! Still when we go to conventions, my husband is the salesman and smooth talker, and I stand there awkwardly and just smile and wave.”

Working from her dining room table has been a good thing for Monica’s family. Her husband was in the fire academy full time when the pandemic hit, but Monica was able to offer a stable business for her family while staying home to care for them.

Amelia Rose and Co 9609“My oldest told his teacher that he was thankful for my sewing, because I was able to fix a pair of his favorite pajamas,” laughs Monica. “I love that my boys get to see their mom work hard. My 6 year old asks me if he can help me almost daily, and he even brings his own business ideas to me so I can set up his own shop for him.”

Monica acknowledges that starting a business is not for everyone. She admits there were moments she was tempted to give up, but the drive to serve other moms and the ability to work from home far outweighed the risk and fear.

Amelia Rose and Co 9856“I love when a customer sends me pictures of their sweet baby using my product,” smiles Monica. “And I love getting an email from a mama expressing how impressed she is with the quality of my products. At the end of the day, I’m offering peace of mind with my products, giving mamas an extra hand by supplying a safe space to lay their baby.”

To learn more about Monica’s company, you can connect with her on Instagram @ameliaroseandco or you can visit her website at Readers of Distinctly Northwest Magazine can save 15% off any website order by using code is DNW15.

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