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Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen feature
Photos courtesy of Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen transports diners with fresh, exotic flavors

After catering to Southern Oregon tradition, Skyler Golden and Shawna Williams cooked up a way to serve food they like to eat when and where they please.

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen chefs
From left: James Williams, formerly of Omar’s, assists Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen’s Shawna Williams and Skyler Golden.

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen is the partners’ food truck and vehicle for wine-pairing dinners and other special events. The duo’s brand of modern cuisine, which champions locally grown produce, was born from their formative years at Ashland’s Omar’s, widely regarded as the region’s oldest restaurant.

“It’s something we’ve been dreaming about for, like, three-plus years at this point,” says Williams.

Truffle Pig earned a set of wheels this spring when a GoFundMe campaign assisted the purchase and refurbishment of a sleek food-service trailer. Previously, before an injury sidelined Golden for about two months, Truffle Pig served from a stationary stall at local farmers markets and Fry Family Farm Store in Medford.

“We get to see and smell and taste all the things they are doing,” says Fry Family Farm co-founder and co-owner Suzi Fry. “And it’s always really fresh-tasting … and it’s light.”

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen Driskill Antelope ScallopThe freshness of seasonal ingredients defines Truffle Pig’s frequently changing menu. Spring offers succulent pea shoots, vibrant rhubarb, eggs laid on local farms and such foraged specialties as nettles and morels. Summer brings on the pantheon of produce in all its sweetness and splendor. Autumn ushers in the switch to heartier squashes and braising greens to support Golden’s comfort food menus, including beef short ribs and pork belly.

“It’s nice to have that change and transition to inspire you,” says Golden of the shift to cold-weather menus.

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen Pork BellyGolden’s own transition from Omar’s to Truffle Pig came by way of Austin, Texas, where he earned recognition at the acclaimed Driskell Hotel. After returning to Southern Oregon, he manned Fry Family’s commercial kitchen, preserving the farm’s bounty in pickles, hot sauces and fermented foods like kimchi.

The chef also crafted the store’s globally inspired take-home meals and curated its wine selections. A level-one sommelier, Golden embarked on the Court of Master Sommeliers Program to enhance his hospitality expertise.

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen floral dish“We really love to bring wine and food together,” says Williams.

Wineries around the region — including Del Rio, EdenVale, Troon and others — summon Truffle Pig for their release parties, live music series and multicourse meals to fete rare vintages. The 30th anniversary of Weisinger Family Winery tasked Truffle Pig with conceiving a 10-course tasting menu paired with 14 estate wines, some dating to 1988.

“I brought in some inspiration from Texas,” says Golden, adding that founder John Weisinger hails from Texas and still lives there part time. “He brought stuff out from the cellar.”

Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen Heirloom Tomato Goat Cheese TerrineBringing out the best from locally and regionally produced ingredients is Truffle Pig’s creed, whether it’s turning summer tomatoes into salsa for use all year or transforming humble flavors with ethnic spice palettes.

“I’m pretty well-known for my pho,” says Golden of the quintessential Vietnamese noodle soup. “It’s one of those things I can’t make enough of.”

Similarly, Truffle Pig’s ramen has captivated Fry and other customers.

“I know when I go in the kitchen, and he’s making that broth,” says Fry, “it’s like ‘wow!’ ”

That wow factor is a consistent aspect of the Truffle Pig experience, from its gourmet presentation of farmers market fare to goodie bags for winery customers to the popular roast whole pig and paella party. As the Truffle Pig trailer traverses the Southern Oregon food scene, it transports customers through cuisine to local farms and exotic locales alike.

“It’s fun to kind of travel through food,” says Golden.

Find Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen on Instagram @trufflepigcraftkitchen and Facebook, facebook.com/TheTrufflePigCraftKitchen. For more information, email trufflepigcraftkitchen@gmail.com

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