Tasting Sunshine with Uproot Meats

Sustainable farming in Ashland

Uproot Meats HERO
Photos by: Lahna Marie
Uproot Meats Founder Krista Vegter
Uproot Meats Founder, Krista Vegter

Krista Vegter grew up in Santa Clara, California and relished growing up amidst a sea of endless orchards and rich agriculture. As the region began to step into the computer revolution, the Silicon Valley took center stage, and Krista watched as towering tech companies took the place of her beloved rows of fruit-bearing trees.

After the loss of her father to lung cancer, Krista also grieved the loss of their shared dream to move to Oregon and grow food together.

“In college I was exposed to the concept that the food we choose to put in our bodies directly relates to our physical and mental health,” says Krista. “I wanted to educate others and provide my family with organic food, while also offering it to others within my community.”

Uproot Meats landscapeKrista found an oak meadow hillside in Ashland, Oregon and decided to start her farm, Uproot Meats. It’s the perfect place where beauty meets function, and Krista has built a small scale, sustainable business model that serves the Rogue Valley with free range, slow grown chicken and pork.

“In today’s world, it’s hard to find clean protein that is locally sourced and ethically raised,” says Krista. “We help take the guesswork out of mealtime by delivering clean, nutrient-dense meat to our customers’ doorsteps.”

Uproot Meats Pigs Hamming it UpKrista says her meat is lower in fat and doesn’t have the fillers that imported pork may contain. Her secret? She doesn’t use cheap fillers to speed up growth or increase size.

“We use locally grown crops to feed our animals,” smiles Krista. “We care about the planet, and we do everything we can to promote health for the land and the people who live here. You can actually taste the difference.”

Krista has taken care to care for her soil like she cares for her pigs and chickens. She says her pigs have a sweet tooth and are drawn to the sugars on the sweet tops of their root vegetable pasture.

Uproot Meats Pigs in the Midst“This dual purpose hardy taproot system provides a double dipping effect,” says Krista. “And this gives our taproot and soil system the ability to repair and regulate soil health.”

On any given Saturday, Krista can be found in her trademark overalls, serving her customers at the Saturday Market in Ashland. During this time of Covid-19, she also offers local delivery for a fee to those who are immune compromised.

“I’ve always wanted to be a farmer,” says Krista. “Some day I hope to have the ability to provide access to people who don’t have the privilege of affording locally raised and organic nutrients such as my meats.”

Uproot Meats Sage Pork Breakfast LinksIf you’d like to know more about this thriving local business, or you are looking for links to some delicious recipes such as “Jalapeno marinated grilled pork chops” and “Peruvian style grilled chicken,” check out Krista’s website at www.uprootmeats.com. They currently have a limited supply available of their 50 pound seasonal chicken boxes, and have just opened up their pre-purchase reservation list for whole and half pigs for the fall and winter season.

Uproot Meats Owner Krista VegterAdditionally, you can learn more about their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box. This is a great way to support a local farmer by signing up for a monthly delivery of quality meat.

One of Krista’s CSA members said it best when she exclaimed, “You can taste the sunshine.”

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